Student Life

We value not only building an educational foundation but, a community! Our Student Activities team, clubs, organizations, and faculty and staff are all dedicated to helping students experience Saddle Ridge life at its fullest...

Saddle Ridge Connection Classes

WHAT ARE CONNECTIONS CLASSES? • Enriched academic experience. • An opportunity for students to experience academics in a hands-on learning environment - APPLIED LEARNING. • Expose students to learning options available when they enter high school • Help students discover their likes or interests • Help them explore career options


Physical Education


High School Credit- German

High School Credit- Basic Agriculture

High School Credit- Intro to Software Tech

Saddle Ridge Student Organizations

WHY GET INVOLVED? We have a variety of clubs and organizations our students can choose to be apart of. Joining a club or organization can be very beneficial. You will be presented with many opportunities to learn about yourself, your goals, and strengths. You will also have the opportunity to gain leadership skills, serve others, and have fun!