Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Week

We are celebrating Dr. Seuss the week of March 1st. Teachers have recorded their favorite books at the links below. We hope you enjoy them!

Mrs. Stultz

Mrs. Roerdink

Mrs. Lemons

National FFA Week

February 22 - 26

We invite you to join us as we celebrate the industry that feeds and clothes us and recognize the hard work and dedication of our amazing student FFA members! We are excited about the events and activities that our officers have planned for the week. The first of these activities is our "Kiss-a-bull" fundraiser. Our students would like to find out if their teacher is "Kiss-a-bull" by bringing in money each day to put in a milk jug with your name on it. Whichever teacher's jug has the most money in it at the end of the week will have to kiss a bull that will be brought to school.

Another activity will be a hat day everyday. It will cost $1.00 for the students to wear a hat during the day at school. The money will be collected in home room. An FFA member  will come around at some point during the day to collect the money. The proceeds raised from this as well as "kiss-a-bull" will go toward meeting the needs of local students through the purposity app. 

The third activity that will take place this week is a competition to determine if  teachers  "are smarter than an ag student" Mr. Green will send an ag trivia email out each morning around 7:30 A.M. The question will be one that FFA members have suggested. The first teacher to reply to the email with the correct answer will receive a prize. 



Students and faculty of the month.


County Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to the 2021 Walker County Spelling Bee Winners!

Emma Edgeworth won 1st place.

Anniston Pierce won 2nd place.


Students and faculty of the month.

 Congratulations to our school Spelling Bee winners!

Elementary Winners

Madison Miller - 1st Place

Serenity Hancock - 2nd Place

Jude White - Alternate

Middle School Winners

Anniston Pierce - 1st Place

Emma Edgeworth - 2nd Place

Laura Hayes - Alternate


Students and faculty of the month.

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