Red Ribbon Week: Oct. 22nd – 26th

The Red Ribbon campaign started when a federal Drug Enforcement Agent, Kiki Camarena, lost his life to drug traffickers from Mexico in 1985. This began the tradition of displaying Red Ribbons as a symbol of intolerance toward the use of drugs. The mission of Red Ribbon week is to present a unified and visible commitment toward the creation of a drug free America. October is also Safe Schools month and Bully Prevention month. So this week, Saddle Ridge is honoring healthy and safe decision ­making that promotes success in school and in life.

Monday, Oct. 22nd – “Saddle Ridge Rallies in Red against Drugs” ● Students wear as much red as possible

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd – This year’s slogan “Life is Your Journey. Travel Drug Free.” ● Wear “Tacky Tourist” clothing

Wednesday, Oct. 24th – “Don’t Make Yourself a Target: Say No to Drugs” ● Students wear camo clothing

Thursday, Oct. 25th – “Saddle­Up for a Drug­Free Life” ● Students wear Saddle Ridge attire

Friday, Oct. 26th – “Team Up Against Drugs ”● Students wear their favorite sports shirt or jersey


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